Ressort Umweltmanagement – virtuelles Anwendertreffen

15. February 2021 in Zoom-Meeting, Beginn: 10:00 Uhr

We invite you to a virtual user meeting of the department of environmental management(ZOOM Meeting). Participation is open to all interested people involved in the active implementation of environmental management systems.


February, 15th, 2021
10.00 - 15.00 h


10.00 h – Welcome and introduction
Presentation of the VNU, the event and the agenda as well as introduction of the participants.

10.20 h – Involving executives in environmental management - the way to succeed
Especially since the revision of ISO 14001 in 2015, the chapter 5.1 "Leadership" has a new significance. In daily practice, the involvement of managers is very important, but often not easy. What the concrete problems are and what approaches to solutions are available will be considered and discussed here.
Dipl.-Biol. Lennart Schleicher

11.10 h – The 42. BImSchV - The fight against legionella in practice
The implementation of the 42. BImSchV has confronted many companies with new requirements. In this presentation, the experiences from the approximately 3 years since the entry into force will be addressed and the challenges that have remained in everyday practice will be discussed.
Dr. Birgit Gieren

12.00 h – lunch break

13.00 h – Storing of hazardous substances safely and in compliant
Hazardous substances are used in almost every company. Safe and compliant storage is not always easy to achieve. This presentation provides a summary of the specific regulations, what needs to be taken into account, and what solutions are available.
Dipl.-Biol. Tobias Authmann

14.00 h – Handling commercial waste - your consultation hour
When implementing the Commercial Waste Ordinance, a wide variety of problems and misunderstandings arise in everyday life. The speaker has played a leading role in the creation of a guideline on the Commercial Waste Ordinance. He will summarize the most important key points and will be available for your questions.
Dip.-Biol. Lennart Schleicher

14.30 Uhr – Beiträge der Teilnehmer
Sie haben Hinweise oder Fragen zu rechtlichen, technischen oder anderen Themen rund um den Umweltschutz oder das Umweltmanagement? Hier ist die Gelegenheit diese anzubringen und gemeinsam zu besprechen oder zu diskutieren.

14:50 Uhr – Outlook
Coordination of interesting topics and the scheduling of upcoming events

15.00 Uhr – Farewell


Dr. Birgit Gieren
She is active in the fields of environmental protection and quality management and manages U.M.S.CON in Aachen on a self-employed basis. Her main areas of expertise are consulting on environmental protection issues and auditing quality and environmental management systems. Based on this experience, Dr. Birgit Gieren also gives seminars for training management system representatives. Dr Gieren is head of the environmental management department at the VNU.

Lennart Schleicher

He worked for more than 20 years in an industrial setting as an environmental manager and is now an accredited environmental verifier and owner of ENVEX Umweltberatung. He was a member of the German EMAS Advisory Board and head of the EMAS revision working group there. He has contributed to two EMAS reference documents. Today he is a member of the German delegation of the EMAS Expert Committee. Lennart Schleicher has been a member of the VNU Board since 2006 and president of VNU e. V. since 2018.

Tobias Authmann
has a degree in biology and has worked for the DENIOS Academy for many years as a specialist for hazardous materials storage and occupational safety. His area of expertise is accident prevention with a focus on hazardous materials storage and handling. Here he is already known to a wide audience as an expert and competent contact person.


Non-VNU members are requested to fill in the registration form and send it to the VNU Office ( VNU-members can write an informal eMail to the VNU office (

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The presentation documents will be made available to those present or to VNU members. Whether a recording is possible and available depends on the agreement with the speakers.

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