Young Professionals – Webtalk

13. July 2021 in Web-Ex, Beginn: 18:00 Uhr


Today we invite you to the first VNU Webtalk, which will be offered on 13 July 2021 from 17:00 - 18:30 h by our newest department Young Professionals in cooperation with the European Business Ethics Network Deutschland (

The aim of the event is to present one of many job profiles that have grown up around sustainability and environmental management. Interested parties will get to know a "real practitioner", learn what is required for an " environmental and sustainability manager", which training courses can lead to this job profile and which skills would still be missing in one's own CV.

Programme and content

  1. Begrüßung & Hinweise zum Ablauf der Veranstaltung
    Vorstellung des neuen VNU-Ressorts "young professionals"
    Emmanuel Kofi Zinsu, Anna Zubrod, Quirin Kissmehl
  2. Grußwort
    Kurzvorstellung des VNU
    Lennart Schleicher ENVEX Umweltberatung, VNU Vorstand
  3. Vorstellung des Gesprächspartners, Karl Michael Roth
    Umwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitsmanager der STAEDTLER MARS GmbH & Co. KG

    Emmanuel Kofi Zinsu Quirin Kissmehl
  4. Im Dialog mit Karl Michael Roth
    Emmanuel Kofi Zinsu,  Anna Zubrod, Quirin Kissmehl
  5. Zusammenfassung und Verabschiedung
    Emmanuel Kofi Zinsu, Anna Zubrod


- The talks will take place via Zoom or WebEx (you will receive the dial-in data shortly before the event).
- All interested parties are invited, especially students and young professionals.
- No list of participants (neither before nor after the event)
- Participants register in advance with their e-mail address for Webtalk (automatic approval of registrations)
- They join the meeting on the evening of the event with their real names
- Activation of microphones and cameras at the beginning of the open discussion is to be decided on a situational basis.
- No presentation (pptx slides) by the speaker necessary
- the Webtalk will take place in a relaxed, open atmosphere with a networking character
- All questions are allowed and should facilitate an easy-going dialogue between the participants.
- Participants are welcome to provide their favourite drink for the virtual stand-up reception.

Questions can be sent by name in the chat "to all"; alternatively, nameless or anonymous questions are also possible, please send the question to "".


Please use the follwing link:

Announcement of the following webtalk

What is the daily work of an environmental verifier (Lennart Schleicher)?
The date will be announced shortly