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VNU e.V.

Our Profile

VNU e. V. the Association for European Sustainability and Eco-Management Professionals is a network of experts and users in the field of environmental protection and sustainability management. Members get in touch with each other, gain access to knowledge, exchange experiences and participate in the development of methods.  Via departments we offer many different options for contact in order to facilitate access to our network.

Our target groups are companies (users), auditors (verifiers) and all interested parties, such as staff members of universities, lawyers or staff representatives. The international/national committee work comprises the standardised management systems of ISO and EU (EMAS) as well as sustainability reporting.

A board, consisting of a president, a vice president and further 5 members manages leads the association and is supported by an advisory board.

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Benefits of Membership

Members can attend meetings of the EMAS Club Europe and the departments as well as the webinars free of charge, join open seminars at reduced rates, participate in committee work or contribute to statements on new draft laws.

We communicate current information and dates via this homepage and share them in a monthly newsletter. As an official publication medium, we use the UmweltMagazin, which is made available free of charge as part of our membership.

All members have access to VNU's intranet, which means that the presentation documents of all events that have already taken place can be downloaded free of charge.

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