EMAS Club Europe


What is the reason for the EMAS Club Europe?

EMAS Club Europe Auftaktveranstaltung 8.2.2012, Bonn

In September 2011, VNU launched the EMAS Club Europe to establish an international/national EMAS network. The opening event took place in Bonn, February 2012.

Our role is founded on the key principle:

„From practice for practice“

The club is open to all players who are active in an EMAS organisation or plan to register for EMAS in the coming months.  Further experts from authorities, institutions, etc. may be invited by the participants and VNU to join in the user meetings.

Achieve more by working together in the EMAS Club Europe

The EMAS Club Europe offers an exclusive, effective and practice-oriented information and discussion platform.

  •     Exclusive since it is open to representatives of EMAS organisations only.
  •     Effective, because the effort for meetings is reduced to a minimum by regional networks as an example.
  •     Practice-oriented, because the participants can bring their practical experience with them and exchange ideas.

The EMAS Club Europe offers its members suggestions, solutions and help in complex issues. To provide this, we organise meetings at regional, national and international level.

Customised meetings

The members determine the place, date and contents of the regional meetings. The meetings may for example take place on the premises of a member company, eventually combined with a visit and are accompanied by the VNU.

EMAS promotion

The EMAS Club Europe promotes EMAS and its recognition in order to increase the number of registered sites within and outside the European Union. In order to achieve this, we participate in relevant committees and enable participants and members to actively participate in the development of the system.

The European Commission lists further EMAS Clubs with which we are in good contact.

Further information can be found here

Information about EMAS Club Europe of VNU

Your regional managers and contact persons:

Peter Fischer (region Southwest)
Dr. Heinz Herzog (region Rhine-Ruhr)
Lennart Schleicher (region Southeast)
Andreas von Saldern (region Rhine-Main)