Department Water Risk

Ressort Water Risk

What's the point?

The VNU took up the subject of the Water Footprint in 2013 and supplemented the focus on Water Risk and Water Stewardship. Later (in May 2016), the Group decided to rename the department "Water Risk" to cover the full range of discussions.

Target group

In the first meeting in September 2013 around 30 representatives from authorities, companies and universities as well as environmental verifiers, consultants, certifiers and other interested parties attended. Since then, the group has met with an average 2 meetins per year at different hosts or as a virtual Meeting.

Members of the VNU participate free of charge in the work meetings. Interested parties can get to know the subject and the network once free of charge. Subsequently we charge a fee of 50 EUR (net) per meeting.

Your contact

Bettina Heimer (VNU / organisational management) accompanies the Water Risk department together with Dr. Markus Berger (University Twente, NL). Please direct your questions by e-mail to Bettina Heimer or contact Christina Geiger at the VNU Office.

Next meetings

24th, January, 2022, 14 - 16 h
ZOOM-Meeting [ announcement ]

Last Meetings

30th, August, 2021, 14 - 16 h
ZOOM-Meeting [ report ]

4. März 2021 - 14. Meeting
ZOOM-Meeting, [ report  ]

17. November 2020 - 13. Meeting
ZOOM-Meeting, [ report  ]

23. Juni 2020 - 12. Meeting
ZOOM-Meeting, [ report  ]

5. Mai 2020 - 11. Treffen
ZOOM-Meeting [ Bericht ]

9th May 2019 - 10th meeting
TU Berlin, Berlin

26th January 2017 - 9th meeting
TU Berlin, Berlin

26th September 2016 - 8th meeting
Bayer AG, Leverkusen

11th May 2016 - 7th meeting
GLS Bank, Frankfurt / Main

1st February 2016 - 6th meeting
several web-meetings

5th Oktober 2015 - 5th meeting

8th June 2015 - 4th meeting
TU Berlin, Berlin

22nd January 2015 - 3rd meeting
WWF, Berlin

26th May 2014 - 2. meeting
IFEU Institut - Forum am Park, Heidelberg

28th January 2014 - 1st meeting
DNV GL, Hamburg

12th September 2013 - opening meeting
TU Berlin, Institute for technical environmental protection, sustainable engineering, Berlin

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