DIN Deutsches Institu für Normung

DIN - German Institute for Standardization e. V.

DIN e.V. the German Institute for Standardization is a private-sector, non-profit institution. As a national organization, it develops norms and standards and participates in European (EN) and international standardization work (ISO). The focus is on market requirements and the consensus of interested parties. Many thousands of experts are involved in standardisation work, which is increasingly taking place at European and international level. DIN therefore focuses on standardisation work:

  • Preparation and revision (standards committees)
  • Distribution (Beuth-Verlag)
  • Support during application (recommendations, aids to action, administration of standards)

The VNU is involved in NA 172 (NAGUS Standards Committee Fundamentals of Environmental Protection) at the level of the national committees (currently 7) or acts as a mirror committee for the work of ISO/TC 207 at the international level.

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Several members take part in the annual plenary meeting of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) through their work at DIN. After the plenary meeting, VBU e.V. the Association of Operations Representatives and the delegates of the VNU e. V. jointly report on the results of the consultations in the UmweltMagazin.

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