European Association of Sustainability Professionals

The EASP brings together various international/national organisations and institutions in Europe to provide a network for CSR and sustainability experts. Company representatives, consulting firms, universities and other users are active in different fields but have quite something in common in many areas and tasks. Through the cooperation of the EASP actors, CSR and sustainability tasks can be processed faster and more effectively.

Since April 2016, the VNU has been one of the stakeholders that have accompanied the development of this network and pursued the following goals:

  • Exchange of information, ideas and practical experience
  • Cooperation on specific projects
  • Dissemination of information and knowledge from participating organisations
  • Professional monitoring of initiatives in a cross-border context
  • Developing common positions on EU policies and regulations

Contact Partners


  • CSR Manager Network
    Global Network Partner of WBCSD in Italy
  • C3D
    College des Directeurs du developpement durable in France
    Spanish Association of CSR Professionals
  • ICRS
    Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in UK
  • KSS Türkiye
    Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey
  • Responsible Business Forum Serbia
  • THEE
    Spanish Association of CSR Professionals
  • VNU
    Verband für Nachhaltigkeits- und Umweltmanagement e. V. in Germany

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