Department Sustainability Management

What is the point?

Requirements catalogues cannot be more complex than those for corporate sustainability management. The entrepreneurial implementations can become correspondingly complex. These vary depending on the culture lived in the company. Is value-oriented management aimed at, is opportunity management sought or are risks primarily avoided? As a rule, the respective solution approaches will be different.

Our Mission

The department understands itself as a bridge between the requirements of corporate sustainability management discussed in public and the implementation possibilities feasible in corporate practice.

In particular, current sustainability issues are discussed and communicated, such as the requirements for the implementation of sustainability management standards, reporting and application of e.g. GRI and the German Sustainability Code, performance measurements in sustainability management, employee qualification or supplier management. But also issues such as the further development and integration possibilities of EMAS as well as environmental statements are addressed.

What can you expect?

The work in the "Sustainability Management" department focuses on the following topics:

  • Transfer of knowledge on opportunities and risks arising from effective and efficient sustainability management for companies (especially small and medium-sized ones)
  • Exchange of information on current studies, national and international requirements and projects related to the topic of sustainability management.
  • Presentation, discussion and collaboration on the improvement of test methods and standards in the area of sustainability management (reporting and reporting, management systems and auditing).
  • Presentation of practical examples and implementation options for successful sustainability management

The work concentrates on identifying the relevance for SMEs. If possible, representatives from medium-sized companies will also be invited to the meetings to report on their practical experience. Findings and possible effects on sustainability management for VNU member companies will be specified.

Your contact

Martina Prox is the head of department at VNU and the contact person when it comes to sustainability management.