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FALB - Forum of Accreditation and Licensing Bodies (FALB)

The FALB is an institution established by the European Commission in 2000. Based in Brussels, the FALB accompanies the national implementation of EMAS in the EU member states and ensures mutual monitoring (peer reviews).

The VNU regularly participates in these meetings and is the only association in Europe / globally to directly represent the professional group of environmental verifiers and auditors.

When this committee was founded in 2000, the then Chairman Matthias Friebel was able to place this position for the VNU. Peter Fischer was an active member of this committee from 2015 and at the turn of the year 2023/24 he asked for this task to be placed in other hands. The two presidents were able to recruit Wolfgang Wielpütz, an experienced environmental verifier who can also contribute the processes and procedures of the ISO world via TÜV NORD CERT Umweltgutachter GmbH.


Wolfgang Wielpütz (VNU Firmenmitgliedschaft)


The Committee is set up by representatives of all EU Member States and the relevant Policy Officer of the EU Commission:

  • Lupaescu, Mariela (DG ENV B.1, EMAS Policy Officer)


  • Dierks, Hauke (DIHK, Competent Body)
  • Kettenburg, Annika (BMUV, Ministerial Representatives)
  • Hoffmann, Marc (DAU GmbH, Accreditation and Licensing Body)
  • Ural, Ömür (DAkkS GmbH, Accreditation and Licensing Body)
  • Wielpütz, Wolfgang (c/o VNU, Berufsgruppe der Umweltgutachter und Auditoren)


  • Brom, Monika (Umweltbundesamt Österreich)
  • Peschl, Monika (Bundesministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie)
  • Ritter, Anneliese (Umweltbundesamt Österreich)
  • Slamaj, Jana (Umweltbundesamt Österreich)



The FALB meets twice a year at changing locations or virtually. The meetings were chaired by Casper van Erp (NL-Utrecht) until 11/2021 and no follow-up has been selected yet. A representative of the European Commission is always present (currently Mariela LUPAESCU, EMAS policy officer). The VNU contributes its practical expertise through speeches.

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