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FALB - Forum of Accreditation and Licensing Bodies (FALB)

The FALB is an institution established by the European Commission in 2000. Based in Brussels, the FALB accompanies the national implementation of EMAS in the EU member states and ensures mutual monitoring (peer reviews).

At alternating venues or at video meetings, the representatives of the national accreditation bodies (e.g. DAU GmbH for Germany) discuss the development of the number of EMAS participants, participation rates, funding opportunities, barriers and the further development of EMAS.

The VNU regularly takes part in these meetings and, with the environmental verifier and auditor Peter Fischer, is the only representative from practice in Europe / globally to directly represent the professional group of environmental verifiers and auditors.



The Committee is set up by representatives of all EU Member States and the relevant Policy Officer of the EU Commission:


The FALB meets twice a year at changing locations or virtually. The meetings were chaired by Casper van Erp (NL-Utrecht) until 11/2021 and no follow-up has been selected yet. A representative of the European Commission is always present (currently Friederike DETRY, EMAS policy officer). The VNU contributes its practical expertise through speeches.

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