VNU e.V.

Mission Statement of VNU

Our aim is to promote environmentally friendly economic activity in a sustainable way, especially in Europe, taking into account social compatibility and economic efficiency. This means:

  • we develop and accompany environmental management systems in the context of sustainability in order to continuously improve environmental performance;
  • we initiate and promote the development of a sustainable environmental management in public and in society;
  • we support experts in eco-management and sustainability via, inter alia, a qualification and quality assurance system;
  • offer platforms for the active exchange of information and experience at events and user meetings of the departments;
  • promote specialist knowledge through training and further education;
  • investigate and design new approaches, e.g. in research and development, focusing on practical solutions for future requirements;
  • nominate delegates and contribute to decisions made by specialist committees;
  • mediate as a competent specialist organisation in cases of conflict;
  • represent technical interests in legislation, standardisation and standardisation in the relevant committees;
  • mediate competently between politics, society, science and economy.

We thus make a contribution to strengthening the European economy.

In order to achieve these goals:

  • we rely on the individual competence of our members;
  • we maintain a friendly, respectful and fair relationship with each other;
  • we inform each other quickly, mutually and effectively;
  • we work in a team- and goal-oriented manner in our departments and projects;
  • we share responsibilities and agree on clear scope for action and goals;
  • we strengthen the participation of our members in decision-making processes;

We review the implementation and further develop the contents of this mission statement in regular intervals.

Frankfurt / Main, 24th March 2010

Matthias Friebel
(President of the VNU Board until 2018)

Lennart Schleicher
(President of the VNU Board since 2018)

Prof. Dr. Eberhard K. Seifert
(Chairman of the VNU Advisory Board)