Environment and Sustainability Managers’ Day 2023

23. March 2023 in Frankfurt / Main, Beginn: 13.00 h

IHK / Börse

IHK / Stock Exchange
Frankfurt / Main

Trends and tools for sustainable business development

This is our well-known theme for the annual Environment and Sustainability Managers' Day, to which we cordially invite you to the IHK Frankfurt / Main on 23 March 2023. After the general assembly of the association in the morning, you can expect expert lectures with discussions as usual from 13.00 h

The content highlighted current technical issues and their integration into management systems, such as EMAS. Presentations and discussions were planned, and a dinner speech followed by a get-together was scheduled for the end of the day.


as of 08.02.2023

    1. Welcome
      IHK Frankfurt / Main
      Board of VNU e. V.
    2. EMAS as a formula for success [ Vortrag ]
      Stadtwerke Karlsruhe has applied EMAS for 25 years and was recently honoured with the Environmental Management Award for an outstanding environmental statement in Salzburg in October 2022. Markus Schleyer is the environmental management representative of the Stadtwerke and will present how a good environmental statement is created, because the Stadtwerke have done a lot, still plan a lot and therefore also have a lot to report.
    3. Energy and raw materials crisis - a real challenge [ Vortrag ]
      is one of the leading manufacturers of special glass. Originally started as a glass laboratory in Jena in 1884, SCHOTT has transformed itself into a global company with 17,200 employees from over 109 nations. As a technology group, diversity, cooperation and innovation are at the top of the list of priorities. Alexander Herzog is responsible for procurement and has no simple job when supply chains are interrupted and costs explode.
    4. Implementation of the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act - Panel discussion
      Moderation: Bettina Heimer
      Florian Valentin Schuler is a lawyer in the partnership Gleiss Lutz Hootz Hirsch PartmbB Rechtsanwälte in Stuttgart and is involved in the implementation of the LkSG. His key-note [ Vortrag ] will open this panel. Georg Stalter (Sustainability, WITTE Automotive) and Anton Lechner (Head of UM, himolla) highlighted the practical implementation and exchange experiences.
    5. Assessing climate change - a mission of the IPPC
      Climate describes the average weather conditions in a place over a long period of time and it is changing. Guido Halbig (requested) is head of the Essen Office of the German Meteorological Service and a member of the German delegation to the IPPC. A little look behind the scenes of this committee.
    6. Newsflash
      With short news we inform the participants for example about offers for the promotion of EMAS [ Vortrag ] (Lennart Schleicher, VNU), about current legal issues [ Vortrag ] (Dr. Dana Pohl-Schmeißer, VNU) or the status of the taxonomy Sustainable Finance [ Vortrag ] (Dr. Astrid Matthey, UBA).

Dinner speech ... talk and snack

Our dinner session followed at around 5:30 pm, for which we had been able to win Dr Christof Schenck, Managing Director of the Frankfurt Zoological Society, for this year's event. The winner of the German Environmental Award 2022 reported on the conservation of biodiversity in the context of sustainable development.

[ Lecture ... for copyright reasons, the presentation is only available to persons who attended the event ... please contact the VNU office ... thank you very much for your understanding ]

At the following get-together with catering, the audience was happy to continue the stimulating discussions and let the evening come to a pleasant close.