Anna-Katharina Zubrod

  • Stadt Mannheim
  • Mannheim
  • Compliance Officer
  • Integrity- und Compliancemanagement, Korruptionsprävention; ISO 37001 und 19600; Social Compliance und Menschenrechte, Corporate Responsibility, ISO 26000, Unternehmensethik, Social Audit, Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement
  • Deutschland, Baden-Württemberg, Region Rhein-Neckar

The exchange between theory and entrepreneurial practice is close to my heart and I am very pleased to be able to talk to the members of VNU e.V. who act as practical experts in environmental and sustainability management.
My personal interests include the implementation of Agenda 2030, human rights compliance, including in widely ramified supply chains in everyday global business, and the opportunities and limitations of certification initiatives, especially in the municipal context.
With these large complexes of topics and in search of solutions to the global challenges of our time, I feel I am in good hands at VNU e.V.. I greatly appreciate the friendly atmosphere, the always constructive discussion culture and with it the opportunity for knowledge transfer and exchange of experience in the diverse VNU event formats.
I wish the association that in the future even more students and young professionals will discover the high professional added value of a VNU membership for their personal further education.

Professional experience
I studied Protestant theology with a focus on social and business ethics at the universities of Mainz and Marburg, and at the same time I studied economics at the FernUniversität Hagen. I am a trained mediator according to the guidelines of the Bundesverband Mediation e.V. (BM), SA 8000-Basic-Auditor, certified by Social Accountability International (SAI, New York) and since 2022 Compliance Officer (Univ.), trained at the ZWW of the University of Augsburg.
Currently, I work as a Compliance Officer for the City of Mannheim and, together with a colleague, am responsible for the implementation and operation of the compliance management system for the city administration and its 8,000 employees.
Previously, I was a research assistant at the Konstanz Institute for Corporate Governance (KICG) at the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz.
First as a project manager in the area of "Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Management" in a project led by Prof. Dr. Annette Kleinfeld (project completion: February 2019) and then in a research project on "Anti-Corruption Compliance and Integrity Management in High-Risk Countries" led by Prof. Dr. Stephan Grüninger.
In addition, I coordinated the Forum Compliance & Integrity (FCI) and worked at the Center for Business Ethics (ZfW), the scientific institute of the German Network for Business Ethics - EBEN Deutschland e.V. (DNWE).
At VNU e.V., I have been a board member since spring 2019. After having coordinated the department of sustainability management together with Martina Prox on an interim basis, I am now active as head of the VNU department of "Young Professionals" together with Emmanuel Zinsu.
I also oversee VNU's reporting in the UmweltMagazin, among other things.